Surprise Visitors

20140405-192547.jpgToday we were very lucky to have a visit from three very cool characters. To finish off our Superhero Theme Mrs Gee invited Batman and Spiderman to come and see us. They talked to us about their work and we got the chance to ask them questions. Batman also invited Snow Queen of Arendelle known as Elsa along to see us too. Spiderman was very cool as he was trying to spin a web right in front of our eyes. We all enjoyed their visit. 

The Last Supper

ThelastsupperClick on the image to take a close look at ‘The Last Supper’ part of the Easter Story. Today we will be thinking about how Jesus and his disciples would be feeling after Jesus told them all that he was to leave them and that one of them would betray him. How would you feel if you were in Jesus’ shoes? What would you be thinking and saying if you were one of the disciples? How do you think you would feel if you were Judas the disciple who betrayed Jesus? Comment below with your thoughts and opinions.

Sports Relief 2014

IMG_62712B really enjoyed sports relief!

They started the day with a tug of war with 2G. They were victorious as they beat 2G 2 games to 1. Then they carried out their mile run around the field. Did you know thats 8 times round? How many of you managed it? Did you walk, jog, run or crawl around?

Well done to all who raise sponsorship – lets get collecting!




Today in 2B we all got our log in details for Mathletics, we went on the iPads and laptops to try them out. We could even play each other on Live Mathletics! You can get onto Mathletics at home clicking on the icon below or to the right of this page. Have fun!